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Low GI Meals

Low-Glycemic Meals in Minutes Cookbook

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Low-Glycemic Meals in Minutes provides you and your family with the guidance and information necessary to begin your journey to a new and healthier you.

It will help you begin eating healthy, low-glycemic carbohydrates like fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The recipes are separated into two phases.

Phase One allows you to break the damaging cycle of spiking blood sugar and assists you in overcoming your cravings and emotional eating. When you combine healthy, low-glycemic carbohydrates with good fats and proteins, your body becomes more sensitive to your own insulin. Once you have successfully met your weight loss and health goals you can move onto Phase Two recipes, which reintroduce healthy grains, potatoes and cereals.

Dieting does not work; eating and preparing healthy, delicious foods does. Meals in Minutes will transform cooking from a tedious chore at the end of your day to a fun evening you will look forward to! The recipes taste great, are easy-to-prepare and your family will love them!