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Low GI Meals


Cheryl and Laura are more than just the authors of Low-Glycemic Meals in Minutes; they are ambassadors for healthy living and eating. They have done Corporate Wellness Seminars, speeches and workshops for a number of groups and organizations.

Presentations and Workshops

Let Cheryl and Laura educate and entertain your group while giving them practical and easy lifestyle-changing advice in a professional presentation. Presentations can range in length from one hour to one day. From corporate wellness talks, to a three-part workshop that includes a healthy living presentation, a cooking workshop and a shopping tour, Laura and Cheryl will design a presentation to meet the specific requirements of your group!

Speaking Engagements

As a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, Cheryl and Laura have helped countless individuals complete successful lifestyle transformations. Their combined expertise and passion combine into educational and motivational speeches that will captivate your audience. Previous topics include:

  • The Family Health Revolution
  • Women’s Ideal Health.
  • Men’s Optimum Health
  • Prevention and Management of Type 2 Diabetes
  • From Seed to Plate: Eating Local and Whole Foods
  • Boosting your Immune System
  • Importance of Fitness for Weight Management

Contact Cheryl and Laura to book your next presentation, workshop or speaking engagement.