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Low GI Meals

Gain Control Of Your Health And Experience The Freedom To Live An Active Lifestyle With Renewed Energy... In Just 30 Days!


The Low GI Challenge has been designed to help to Lose Weight and take back control of your health. 

A Total Body and Lifestyle Transformation!

Registered Dietitian Laura Kalina and Certified Personal Trainer Cheryl Christian have a proven track record having helped thousands improve their health through low-glycemic foods and active living.

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Take charge of your life by starting the Low GI Challenge! The key to a long term lifestyle change is to understand the science behind Low GI Eating. In this module, we explain how a high glycemic diet can make you store fat; and, how to reverse carb cravings and “release fat” through a low GI diet. After you complete this module, you will have a better understanding of what is happening in your body and with that knowledge comes power to make the necessary changes.


Grocery shopping is a vital element to your transition to a healthier lifestyle. In module 2, we share a video that we created to show you how to make healthy choices at the store. This video will help you simplify supermarket shopping with a Shop Smart tour to help you choose low-glycemic foods, read food labels and expand your menu options.


Module 3 is the practical application of the Low GI Challenge. In module 1, you will have learned the science and in module 2, you will have learned how to shop for Low GI foods. Module 3 is when you start cooking! The first video will provide an overview of meal planning and cooking. The second video will teach you the “ quick prep” method so you too will be able to make low GI meals in minutes. You will have access to over 120 recipes in the electronic version of the Low GI Meals in Minutes Cookbook. And, to help you pull it all together there is a link for the sample menu plan. You will have all the tools you need to make the healthy choice the easy choice!


We know that fitness if a big part of a healthy lifestyle and have dedicated this whole module to helping you make fitness part of your daily routine. Make sure to complete the Fitness Par Q PDF before you start this module. The videos in this module will help you understand the various components of a fitness program. They cover the following areas: Engaging your Core, Strength Training, Cardio Intervals, and Cardio and You (aka Cardio fun!) Cheryl has provided an extensive list of PDF’s, including the importance of engaging your core , a complete description of how to execute each exercise presented in the strength training video (especially great for those just starting out), as well as the benefits of Cardio Interval training and much more!. This module is packed with fantastic information that will help you make fitness part your daily routine. By completing module 4, you will be on your way to transforming your body and your lifestyle for good!


Downloads You Will Recieve (PDF's)
  • Low GI Meals in Minutes Cookbook
  • Low GI Tips for Travel & Dining Out

Low Glycemic Table / Sleep / Hydration / Nutrition Labels / Shopping List / Menu Plan / SMART Goals / Waist-To-Hip Ratio / Stress and Weight Gain / Lifestyle Journal / Par Q

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