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Low GI Meals

Laura Kalina

Laura Kalina is a Registered Dietitian (McGill University) with a Master's degree in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. She has worked for 30 years as a Public Health Dietitian in the area of food security, community development and chronic disease prevention. She is a pioneer and leader of the food security movement in Canada and has written numerous books including, Building Food Security in Canada: From Hunger to Sustainable Food Systems and the Community Kitchen Shopping and Leader Guide.

Laura is the founder and chair of the Kamloops Food Policy Council and has championed numerous projects in her community including: Community Gardens and Kitchens, Gardengate Training Centre, Kamloops Food Share and is currently working with local governments to develop urban food strategies and policies. With a keen interest in health promotion for kids, Laura is currently on the leadership team for the Farm to Cafeteria in Canada.

Laura is actively involved in health promotion through the media and has been a regular newspaper columnist and guest on numerous television and radio shows. She is the founder of Shop Smart Tours - the largest supermarket nutrition education program in Canada.

She has a passion for sharing the importance of healthy eating and cellular nutrition in the prevention of chronic disease - in particular the management of diabetes through low glycemic eating.  Her most recent publication, co-authored with Cheryl Christian, is Low-Glycemic Meals in Minutes directed towards families. She has a daughter with type 1 Diabetes so is very familiar with the challenges that families face.

Laura Kalina has received numerous awards acknowledging her innovative approaches to nutrition education including the Dietitians of Canada’s Speaking for Food and Healthy Eating, the Kamloops’ Women of Distinction Award and the YMCA International Peace Medal for her work in social justice issues relating to food security. She most recently was awarded the 2014 Dietitians’ of Canada Members Award for Innovation, in recognition of her outstanding volunteer contributions to the profession of dietetics.