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Low GI Meals

Cheryl Christian

Cheryl Christian is a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist in British Columbia, Canada. Her company, The Next Level, specializes in working with women & men all of ages in the health and fitness industry.  She is passionate when it comes to teaching, sharing, and inspiring people to lead healthier lives through proper exercise, nutrition, and self-care.

As a mother of two, Cheryl understands the need for families and individuals of all ages to make healthier choices when it comes to meal planning. It was through her desire to help her overweight son that she embarked on a lengthy personal journey of researching a healthy weight loss plan. Her search ended when she began studying the effects of weight management through low-Glycemic eating.

Eight years later, Cheryl co-authored Low-glycemic Meals in Minutes, an invaluable resource for families and individuals. Her idea for Pre-cook days and the Quick Prep Method has helped thousands wishing to have fast yet healthy meals from home. She has since co-produced a series on Shaw TV featuring two families taking a 90 Day Lifestyle Challenge. As well, she co-produced "From Market to Table" an in-depth shopping tour on how to choose low-glycemic foods and label reading.

Along with co-author Laura Kalina, Low G.I. Meals provides corporate wellness talks, public lectures, as well as private consultations for both individuals and families.