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Low GI Meals

Ways to Prevent Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is an abnormally low concentration of glucose in the blood. This occurs when a person has eaten too little food, or exercised without food or if they have diabetes and have injected too much insulin., Taking a small amount of sugar, juice, or food with sugar usually helps the person feel better within 10-15 minutes. To prevent hypoglycemia the low glycemic diet is recommended.  A typical hypoglycemia diet would consist of  six small meals with 50% of calories coming from  low glycemic carbohydrates, 20 -25% from  healthy proteins. Each small meal should focus on healthy low glycemic carbs and small amount of protein. For example, Apple with Cheese or tosses green vegetable salad with chickpeas.  Simple sugars must be eliminated from the diet. Simple carbohydrates are eliminated such as sugars from candy and pop along with other higher glycemic choices such as most bread products made with wheat flour, instant rices/pasta and potatoes.
It is important not to eat these high glycemic foods  as they can trigger an overproduction of insulin.    High insulin levels usually cause a drop in blood sugar and can lead to a hypoglycemic episode. Regular exercise is crucial to help maintain healthy insulin response and healthy blood glucose levels. We have a fellow blogger , Su Rollins, who sent us this interesting link on an article she wrote on how to prevent hypoglcyemia with exercise.   Check it out at:

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