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Touring Silver Hills Bakery

Cheryl and Laura had the pleasure of recently touring the Silver Hills Bakery in Abbotsford, British Columbia.  Silver Hills makes the healthiest organic sprouted whole grain bread in the market. We love to promote their products at our Low–glycemic presentations.   Brad Brousson, CEO, led the private tour and explained how Silver Hills started in 1986 as a one man operation that served sprouted-grain products to guests of an Okanagan Health Spa.

The bakery outgrew the spa and after moving shop to a farm in Lumby, B.C. in 1991, the three partners finally settled on the perfect location in Abbotsford, B.C. It was close enough for the consumer to maximize the freshness of their breads, yet rural enough for all in the Silver Hills team to enjoy a simpler, healthier lifestyle. We were so impressed with the integrity of the company and their products.   Silver Hills Bakery has 2 goals: Bake the highest quality bread products and help make it easier for the consumer to make healthier choices.

Sprouted Grain  bread is more nutritious and low- glycemic because the bread is made  from the sprouted grain and not flour. As we saw on the tour: True sprouted grain breads are made by first sprouting the wheat kernels, then the entire kernel is mashed to form the dough. The method retains all the bran, germ, and endosperm – giving the final product 3 times more fibre.  Consumers need to know that simply calling something “whole Grain” is misleading. The whole truth is that some “whole grains” or “whole wheat breads” are really made with white flour with a small amount of bran added. When shopping read the label and compare the fibre . Check out their website to learn more about their product line and find a store that carries the bread in a location near you.

 They have nine different varieties of bread, 3 bagel flavours and one variety of wheat free bread ( made with Chia Seeds). Laura’s daughter, who has type 1 diabetes loves the Squirrelly bread with peanut butter – great for maintaining healthy blood sugars.

Cheryl and Laura were thrilled to have their picture taken with CEO Brad Brousson and his parents. His mother, June, actively works in the store front – and is a wealth of health information. It was such memorable tour and we are so proud to be promoting such a healthy product. A big thank you to the management and staff of Silver Hills for a memorable tour!



Brad, Cheryl, Brad's parents and Laura at Silver Hills Bakery


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