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The Top New Year's Resolution Is Losing Weight

The Top New Year's Resolution Is Losing Weight

Happy New Year everyone! Need help with your New Years’ Resolutions? If you are like most people the top two resolutions are losing weight and getting in shape.


Keep in mind that diets do not work. You need to focus on making positive lifestyle changes that will give you long term health benefits. Take a critical look at your eating and exercise habits.  Review the following ideas and then work out a realistic goal and a plan to attain that goal.  Have intermediate goals and reward yourself when you reach them. Remember, the goal should be to feel good, eat more healthily, and get more exercise — not just to lose weight!

When setting goals, it is important to put them in writing. Written goals will help you track your progress, make your accomplishments more obvious and identify problem areas that need more attention. Sadly, only 5 percent of Canadians write down goals and objectives, but 95 percent of those who do will succeed. (A survey of Fortune 500 executives indicates that they may be successful because they write down their goals and objectives.)

Throw away the bathroom scales and go more by how you feel. Muscle weighs more than fat and weight can be a false indicator. A better guide is if your clothes feel a little looser and you have to pull your belt in a notch.

Look for good support in achieving your goals. For fitness you may want to enlist the help of a certified personal trainer or check out classes in your local recreation center, and when it comes to healthy eating check out our book:  Low Glycemic Meals in Minutes. This Canadian Best Seller lifestyle book, written by myself and Cheryl Christian, will give you a sample menu plan, shopping list, easy recipes and exercise tips that will help you keep on track with your healthy resolutions.

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