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Happy New Year everyone! Need help with your New Years’ Resolutions? If you are like most people the top two resolutions are losing weight and getting in shape. Even more important than losing weight is getting your whole family to eat better. When it comes to kids we do not want to focus on the scale but encouraging healthy eating habits and exercise.

However, In trying to juggle schedules filled with school events, practices, or work, family meals often fall off the table. Yet there is more to family meals than what’s on the plate. Cheryl and I are excited to offer a free webinar on Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. Pacific we'll be sharing ideas to transform your family's health. Here's the link to save your seat!

The research is quite strong when it comes to the benefits of eating together as a family. Children eat more vegetables and fruit, they perform and behave better in school, and are even shown to smoke or use drugs less. Even preschoolers who are included in the family ritual of eating together show an increased vocabulary. Canadians report eating together as their favorite time to interact yet the research shows that roughly one third to one quarter of families never or seldom eat together, particularly as children get older. The challenges of conflicting schedules, busy parents, or working late are most often cited as the reasons why families don’t eat together more often. Try these tips to help make family mealtimes a reality

  • Decide as a family that it is important to eat together and then aim for at least one family meal each day – breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Turn the TV off—if there is something you feel you have to watch, tape it for later viewing. The same goes for cell phones, telephones, iPODs, and video games.
  • Involve the kids in preparing meals – kids are more likely to eat foods they help shop for and make
  • Give each family member a chance to speak—share the highlights of the day.
  • Keep meal times pleasant. Parents need to offer children safe, healthy food. LET children decide which of the foods and how much to eat.
  • Keep the meal simple! Food doesn’t have to be hot or fancy to be nutritious.
  • Have the ingredients handy for two to three quick, easy meals. Have a few stand-by meals for when life is really hectic, like scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit.
  • Cook in quantity and then freeze the extras. Check out the quick prep in the Low Gi Meals in MInutes Cookbook.

If you are a parent or grandparent of Young Children .. stay tuned to my next blog on: Tips for developing a Healthy Relationship with Food.

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