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Low GI Meals

Food Security is About Making a Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

British Columbia is home to many innovative initiatives aimed at building food security and promoting healthy eating. "Food Security" is about creating helpful environments that make "healthy eating the easy choice", where people are able to meet their nutritional requirements in personally and culturally acceptable ways. So that is why our Low- Glycemic Meals in Minutes Cookbook has done so well – we make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice.

In food-secure environments, food is produced, processed, distributed, marketed, consumed and disposed of in ways that provide enough nutritious food today as well as in the future.

This requires supportive policies, programs and systems. It takes all of us – communities, businesses, community organizations and governments – working together, to achieve food security for all, nurture the health of people and secure the health of the planet.

 For more information on Food Security, check out this website

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