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Fit Tips-Get ready For Summer!

Fit Tips-Get ready For Summer!

Wall Ball Squats

If you pay attention to your form, you can build great strong legs for all your summer activities!

1) Position the ball in the round of your lower back

2) Walk your feet forward while you let the weight of your body fall back into the ball for support

3) Bend your knees and assume a "seated" position shown below (knees in 90 degree position).   Your knees should NEVER go over over your toes.


4) Try and squat up and down in a smooth motion 10-15 times.

To easy?

When you are down in the seated position, gently  "pulse" 5-10 times before returning to the standing position. Repeat exercise with 2 more sets of 10-12 times

Try this exercise 3 times a week...alternating days.


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